Numbers and Counting

Teen Numbers
Numbers in the Twenties (They Start with a Two)
Numbers to 100
Counting by 2's, 5's and 10's
Numbers to 100 by Jen Orr's class
Numbers Help Me Count (Counting to 20)
Numbers Song (10 to 20)
Big Number Song (numbers to 100 and beyond!)
Counting by 5's
Counting by 10's
Climbing Up This Mountain--Counting by 10
Numbers in the Teens Have a Group of Ten

Addition and Subtraction

Addition Doubles-doubles up to 6 + 6
Addtion Rock - doubles up to 5 + 5
Adding and Subtracting Song
Subtracting (up to 10)
What Makes Ten (Addition Facts and Missing Addends to 10)


Days of the Week Song